The North Shore, Exfoliating Soap

Inspired by Minnesota's Lake Superior in Spring. One of our FAVORITE places to be!

Find The North Shore here!
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  • Olive Oil

    Perfect skin moisturizer

    Gentle makeup remover

    Antioxidant properties

    Anti-inflammatory properties

    Extra mild and gentle soap

    Helps with acne

  • Coconut Oil

    very cleansing

    moisturizing for both the skin and hair

    help remove dead skin cells and dirt

    help prevent or reduce acne

    helps firm up your skin

    rich in antioxidants

  • Palm Oil

    A rich source of vitamin E and minerals

    cleansing & conditioning

    a bubbly lather

    Makes hard soap bars

  • Shea Butter

    safe for all skin types





    may help prevent acne

    Collagen Production is Boosted

    helps promote cell regeneration

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